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RF to IR, RS232 Extender - IRE200AD


IRE200AD is RF extenders receiving IR control cords at 2.4GHz by radio and controlling instruments connected with wire. Through setting up the integrated controller, users can the same IR signals to 4 IR ports at the same time or send individual IR signals to each IR port by setting up an address separately. It backs up the IR movement distance of about 30meters through the IR transmitter on the front side. And IRE200AD can do the serial controls of contact control instruments through the RS232 port.

Configuration with IRE200AD


Features of IRE200AD

Control Port : 5 IR Ports, 1 IR Link Port, 1 RS232 Port

Port type : 3.5 Audio Jack

CH & ID : Addressable 16 CH, 16 ID

Frequency : 2.4GHz

Coverage : About 100meters

Power : 12V/1.5A SMPS DC Adapter

Dimension (mm) : 152.3x93.2x28 (WxDxH)

Weight(g) : 190

Case Color : White / Black

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