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[10.04.13] Emotional Lighting Control System at Cafeteria for staff in Golf Club
[10.03.25] International meeting Room at KT company
[10.07.12] Home Theater Room
[10.08.02] Semina Room in Medical Center
[10.03.25] conference and seminar Room in Medical Center
[09.10.07] Luxury Villa Model House in Chun-Cheon, Korea
[09.10.06] Pusan University Conference Room
[09.08.31] Pusan University Laboratory
[09.09.11] Home Theater Room at High-rise apartment
[09.08.06] Multipurpose Hall at Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., LTD
[09.08.06] Radio Studio in Hanyang Cyber University
[09.07.21] Alpansia Resort in Pyungchang
[09.07.01] Exhibition Room at Daechi-Dong
[09.06.26] Exhibition Room at Youngsan
[09.06.26] AV Room at Daechi-Dong
[09.06.24] Hotel in Songdo, Incheon
[09.06.05] Luxury Villa in puket, Thailand
[09.06.01] Home in Youngin-Si
[09.05.30] Conference Room of Kyoubo Building
[09.05.30] Singing Room in Seoul
[09.05.30] Home at Seongbuk-Dong
[09.05.22] Home at Dongbuicheon-Dong
[09.05.05] Exhibition Room of AV Plaza
[09.04.29] Singing Room in Seoul
[09.04.22] Villa of Puket in Thailand
[09.04.21] Exhibition Room of HG CINEMA DESIGN in Seoul
[09.04.27] Exhibition Hall in Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan
[09.03.27] Church in Yongin-Si
[09.02.17] Conferenc Hall of Hyundai Heavy Industry in Ulsan
[09.03.02] Home in Seoul
[09.02.05] Consert Hall of Shinsegye Department
[08.12.28] Exhibition Hall of Seoul Community Rehabilitation Center
[08.12.08] Dongwon In-service Education Institute
[08.12.08] Home in Siheung-Si
[08.11.27] R & D Center of Samsung Thales
[08.11.13] Yangpyung In-Service Education Institute
[08.11.07] Home at Banpo-Dong
[08.10.15] Conference Room of Hyundail Heavy Industry
[08.09.30] Home at Jamsil
[08.08.27] Home at Nonhyun-Dong
[08.07.26] Exhibition Hall of Hansaem Interior
[08.05.08] Home in Seoul
[08.03.18] Briefing Room of Youngam County
[08.03.18] Conference Room at H-Company
[07.12.29] AV Room at Gangnam Officetel
[07.10.23] In-service Education Institute of Daegyo Co. Ltd
[07.09.14] Class Room at Ansan Elementary School
[07.09.08] Courtroom at Seocho-Dong
[07.08.25] Auditorium in Cosmos Corporation
[07.07.23] Lecture Room in Jinheung Co. Ltd
[07.07.18] Church in Songrim High Scholl
[07.07.14] Church at Wonju-Si
[07.06.29] Reception Room at Hanwah E&C
[07.06.18] Dongwon In-service Education Institute
[07.06.18] Lecture Room at Danguk University
[07.06.07] Radio Studio at Hanyang University
[07.06.02] Home at Seongbuk-Dong
[07.06.01] Radio Studio at Hanyang University
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